A Little Fate


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For the first time in one volume, “consistently entertaining” (USA Today) #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts shares three of her favorite stories of love, magic, and happily ever afters …

In “The Witching Hour,” a kingdom is plagued by tragedy until a wizard-god’s spell brings forth a courageous and beautiful young woman  who must follow her heart in love and follow her destiny in battle … On a remote island cursed with eternal winter, a young heals a wounded
soldier—and warms her heart with the joys of true love in “Winter Rose” … In “A World a ravishing medieval Demon Slayer arrives in  twentieth-century New York to brave a strange new world—and a man who will be her destiny.

“Roberts has a warm feel for her characters and an eye for the evocative detail.” —Chicago Tribune

“Roberts is a word artist, painting her story and
her characters with vitality and verve.”
—Los Angeles Daily News

‘There’s no mystery why Roberts is a bestselling
author she delivers the goods with panache and wit.”
—Publishers weekly

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