Astrology in Buddhism


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Use Buddhist wisdom and compassion to clarify your astrological readings. Author  Jhampa Shaneman combines his depth of experience in Tibetan Buddhism with that of
contemporary Western astrologer Jan V. Angel in the first book to apply Buddhist  practice to modern astrology.

While Buddhism is theologically and metaphysically compelling, it is also very practical.  Within its tenets every psychological state is embraced, integrated, and brought to light.  Astrology in Buddhism bridges familiar astrological thinking with the ideas of voidness, interdependence, and impermanence.

Explore how three key Buddhist wisdoms interact dynamically within Siddhartha’s chart,  an inspiring new theory applicable to all astrological charts. Learn how Buddhist precepts  can inform and enrich your understanding of the planets, houses, and aspects, providing  a wholistic interpretation of the birthchart from a Buddhist perspective.

JHAMPA SHANEMAN (British Columbia, Canada) has been an astrological consultant for  twenty years and a Buddhist for over thirty. He is one of the first Western practitioners to be given permission by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to teach all levels of Mahayana and  Vajrayana Buddhism. In 1980, Jhampa entered the traditional Great Retreat and spent  the next three-and-a-half years on the mountain above Dharamsala, India.

JAN V. ANGEL (Colorado) is a professional astrologer with an extensive focus on Eastern  and Western transformative psychology.

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