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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Three Fates comes a novel about shattering loss and discovery—set in a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains …

When 5000-year-old human bones are found at a construction site in the small town of Woodsboro, the news draws archaeologist Callie Dunbrook out of her sabbatical and into a whirlwind of adventure, danger, and romance. While overseeing the dig, she must fry to make sense of a cloud of death and misfortune that hangs over the project— fueling rumors that the site is cursed. She must cope with the presence of her irritating—but irresistible— ex-husband, Jake. And when a stranger claims to know a secret about her privileged Boston childhood, she must question her own past as well….


“Nora Roberts is one of America’s bestselling writers, and Birthright makes it obvious why … Entertaining.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“In a word, it’s awesome The dialogue between Callie and Jake is smart, often humorous and fun.” —The Columbia (SC) State

“She doesn’t disappoint With Birthright Well done again; Ms. Roberts.” —Grand Forks Herald

“The literary equivalent of a big delicious meal whipped up by a talented home cook. She offers a dash of exoticism and innovation … Satisfying.” —Publishers Weekly

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