Daring To Dream


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I’ ve often written books about family, the relationship sisters and brothers. But family isn’t only blood and shared ancestors. It’s memories and affection, loyalties and frustrations. At its best, family is friendship.

In Daring to Dream, I’d like to introduce you to three women of different backgrounds who through circumstances were raised in the same household. They shared childhood, and those loyalties, and the friendship that comes to mean family. They also share a dream inspired by a tragic legend. But each has a separate and personal dream of her own.

For Margo, the housekeeper’s daughter, it is to be someone. And when her world falls apart, there is nowhere to go but home. What does a woman do when she’s lost everything she thought mattered to her? How does she handle the humiliation of public scandal and financial ruin? Margo starts from scratch with a new dream, a daring one. With the women who are the sisters of her heart, she works to make that dream a reality, one they can share. Margo’s story is one of self-discovery, of risk and reward. And, of course, of love.

The attraction between Joshua Templeton and Margo has simmered since they were children. Acting on that attraction as adults —stubborn, headstrong adults—and learning to accept each other as they are, is another risk, and still another dream. I hope you enjoy sharing it.

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