Holding The Dream


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One of the best perks of being a writer is the time it takes to write the book—someone else. To write well, you have to climb inside someone else’s skin and personality. In Daring to Dream, I got to become and glamorous and gutsy Margo Sullivan. Not a bad deal.

In Holding the Dream, the second book of my Dream trilogy, I Kate Powell. Orphaned at the age of eight, Kate was raised by the Templetons, and has vowed never to disappoint them. She’s sharp, smart, a gamine woman with a head for figures. As someone who failed high-school algebra, this was quite a kick for me.

I enjoyed on Kate in this story, exploring her heart and mind, continuing to develop the close and loving relationship between her and Margo and Laura. I liked watching her take a more active role in the running of Pretenses, the unique little shop she and her sisters of the heart have established. And, naturally, I enjoyed the steps and stages of her romance with the handsome hotelier, Byron DeWitt. There’s a man, I think, who could make even our practical Kate forget that two and two are four.

I hope you’ll enjoy, as I did, watching Kate’s life and her needs shift and change as she struggles with the loss of one dream and the beginning of another.

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