Lords of Poverty


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Every year, the world’s bill for all official aid is paid by the richest countries. We, the ordinary  taxpayers, contribute gladly enough – thinking that the money goes to the poorest. But it  doesn’t. Where it does go beggars belief…

‘A dense and enraged counterblast which rakes the entire aid business, from top to bottom,  with moral gunfire…A warm, quick and hectoring style makes it equally readable and stylish’ Spectator

‘A compelling exposé… an engrossing litany from the seamy underside of the aid business’ Wall Street Journal

‘If books had hands, this one would be reaching out to strangle the United Nations Officials  who will no doubt be reading it at their desks in brown paper wrappers’ New York Times Book Review

‘None of the aid bodies escapes criticism, and the criticism is urgently needed…Hancock has  helped launch a debate which must be pursued’ The Sunday Times

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