Once Upon A Star


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The light of a star
illuminates the depths of the heart…

Ever After

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Nora Roberts Wearing an ancient star pendant, an enchanting woman journeys to an otherworldly land—and introduces a skeptical stranger to the magical powers of love…

Catch A Falling Star

Jill Gregory

Forced to marry a barbarian to save her embattled kingdom, a young woman invokes an ancient spell— as an unexpected passion consumes her heart..

The Curse Of Castle Clough

Ruth Ryan Langan

While appraising the contents of a haunted castle, a beautiful professor uncovers a shocking series of secrets—and falls in love with a desperate lord who’s fighting to save everything he holds dear..

Starry, Starry Night

Marianne Willman

Rescued by a mysterious man on a stormy night, a lovely lady is drawn into the tragedies of the past— and finds that true love always stands the test of time

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