Seven Lessons in Conscious Living


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Life has to be lived; why not live it the highest way? You could look at a beautiful work of art or an ideal situation and find some fault with it. But why do that? Look for the good in allthat you behold.

If you want God’s guidance in your life, don’t waste time in idle talk with others. Silence is the altar of Spirit.

To define yourself in terms of human limitations is to desecrate the image of God which you are.

That person is wisest who aspires to know God. That person is most successful who realizes God.

Pray like this: “Infinite God. I will reason, will, and act. Please guide my reason, will, and actions so that I may do what you would have me do.’

I never allow the word “impossible” to take root in my mind; nor should you. Let your devotion to God be like a wood fire that burns steadily for a long time; not like a straw fire that produces a bright flame then quickly goes out.

Prosperity does not mean to always have what you want. You are truly prosperous when you always have what you need.

Thinking that you are not free keeps you from being free. Cease thinking like that and you will be free.

Demonstrate compassion. While you are learning to swim in the sea of life, you can help others learn to swim.

Discard the false belief that there is a separation between spiritual and material life. Perform duties skillfully. All constructive work is purifying if done with the right motive. If you sometimes fail to accomplish your purposes, don’t be discouraged; that is the best time to sow the seeds of success. In everything you do, express your limitless soul qualities.

Don’t go only halfway on the spiritual path; three quarters of the way; or almost to the end and then quit. Be firmly resolved to go all the way [to be Self- and God-realized].

Every day, meditate more deeply than you did the day before.

When you know [have realized] God, life is enjoyable.

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