The Daughters of Joy


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The Daughters of Joy

Jess Conover has ‘been feeling jumpy, but -he doesn’t know why. His life as a Young writer in Boston -has had its ordinary Share Of happiness=and pain. Yet something infinite and unnamable must have been watching, because one Sunday morning it sends him a message, disguised as a cryptic classified ad in the newspaper; love has found you: Tell no one, just come.

Although Jess has protected his heart all his life, he instantly knows that the message is meant for him. He finds himself driving north through a blizzard toward an encounter with a secret ‘mystery school’ hidden from the modern world — and run entirely by women, who call themselves the Daughters Of Joy.

His initiation into the deepest of mysteries — love and its power – to transform — begins when he sets eyes on a willowy beauty -named Elena. Together they journey into the “subtle world” that lies behind the world of the senses, -a realm where the soul reigns and every yearning is fulfilled.

Jess’ spiritual journey speaks to the reader as one that we must all take if our own deepest yearnings are to be fulfilled. Deepak Chopra’s new novel is both a plea that we turn to the subtle world for answers and a map for getting there.

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