The Tree of Yoga


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B K S lyengar is the world’s foremost teacher of yoga, and author of the classic works,  Light on Yoga, Light on Pranayama and Light on the Yoga Sütras of Patanjali. In The Tree of Yoga he offers us his thoughts on many practical and philosophical subjects, ranging from the place of yoga in our daily lives to Patanjali’s Yoga Sütras. He includes chapters  on yoga and health, childhood, love, death, faith, teachers and teaching, and much more besides.

B K S lyengar insists that yoga is a spiritual path involving a great deal more than  physical exercise. Yet this spirituality is deeply rooted in practicality, and all the  philosophical concepts covered in the book are related directly and specifically to the  practice of yoga postures and breathing.

This will be an invaluable source book for new students of yoga and seasoned  practitioners alike.

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